Race Committee

Positions and Responsibilities

The Chair: The Race Committee is chaired by Noel Neuman, a renowned local, regional, and national MC Scow skipper.  His vast years of experience on sailboats of all kinds is brought to the governing of racing on the Upper Minnetonka to ensure that the UMYC sailboat races are competitive and professionally handled with plenty of laughter afterwards among the skippers.  It’s a balance he achieves every year.

The PRO: The UMYC’s sailboat races are professionally handled by our PRO (Principle Race Officer) Jarod Silverman.  His years of experience includes off-lake and on-lake regattas, from team racing to handling as many as 100 boats at the starting line.  He knows the rules and insists on getting races started on-time. Jarod also trains UMYC judges to assist him and eventually lead club races on the Upper Lake.